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Welcome to The Queen Mary Centre for Undergraduate Research

The Queen Mary Centre for Undergraduate Research (QMCUR) is a hub of innovation, exploration and academic excellence dedicated to championing undergraduate research endeavours.

At QMCUR, we genuinely believe that every undergraduate student possesses the potential to make remarkable contributions to their fields of interest, regardless of their background or identity. Our mission at QMCUR is to create an intellectually stimulating and vibrant environment where students from diverse backgrounds can actively participate to a wide range of impactful activities, including:
  • Engaging hands-on research projects
  • Interdisciplinary workshops
  • Collaborative seminars
  • Community-engaged initiatives

These activities offer opportunities for students to collaborate with esteemed faculty mentors, explore cutting-edge research methodologies and collectively embark on transformative academic journeys.

The Centre aims to foster a culture of curiosity, grassroots research, and discovery, empowering students to delve into real-world challenges, generate meaningful insights, and shape a future with broader perspectives.